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Covid 19 - Corona Virus precautions

Vikingston Minibus Hire Ltd COVID 19 Policy and safeguarding.


Our number one priority will always be to be the safety and wellbeing of our passengers, staff, and their families.


We have listed being the essential information to allow you to travel safely on a Vikingston Minibus Hire Ltd vehicle, this will ensure you know what to expect when you travel with Vikingston.


These processes may change from time to time as Government advice is updated and we will ensure that these remain in place until such time that Government advises that they are not necessary:


Face Coverings

Passengers on Public transport are required to wear a face covering (excluding those passengers exempt for medical reasons and children under 11) when travelling on public transport in England.  This follows new Guidance and Regulations that have been issued by the Government, while we recover from the Coronavirus.

If you feel you are exempt from wearing a face covering and are unsure, please contact our office for advice.

All our drivers and staff are issued with face masks and hand sanitizers, they are exempt from wearing a face mask or visor while driving.  However, you will find that they may have their mask on when you board and alight from our vehicle. Please ensure that you are wearing your face mask when you board and travel on our Minibuses.


Minibus Cleaning

Our updated cleaning regimes includes enhanced basic cleaning as well as ensuring all high touch surfaces areas (such as hand poles, seat belt catches) are sanitized before every trip. 


Boarding and Alighting the Minibus

While waiting at the bus stop, please allow room for others to wait and leave 2 meters apart,

Before you board our coach please allow others to exit the vehicle,

Our driver may disembark the Minibus before you board, please allow Him or her room to alight before you start to board,

Please fit your face covering before boarding and do not take it off until you have left the vehicle,

Allow space between your fellow passengers and board one at a time.


Sanitizing Stations

Hand sanitizing stations are available within the entrance area of all our minibuses.


Where to sit

We are following Government advice and practicing 1 metre + Social Distancing on board our vehicles so please sit in every other window seat (unless traveling within your bubble), allow space and keep the seat next to, behind, and in front of you empty if possible.  If you are traveling on a Home to School coach journey the Government have advised that your school are a bubble and so there will be no need for Social distancing on this kind of journey.

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